What’s the resource about?

This resource will help you and your pupils to find out about deer in Scotland – their habitats, how they are managed and their impact on the Scottish environment and economy.

Pupils will have the opportunity to participate in outdoor education and find out about sustainability, biodiversity and interdependence at first hand – so wellies at the ready!

They will also have the opportunity to discover that venison is a delicious food that can contribute to a well-balanced, healthy diet – and to Scotland’s economy.

The resource will help you to implement Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes in Sciences, Outdoor Education, Health and Wellbeing, Literacy and English, Social Studies and Expressive Arts.

What’s in the resource?

There are two projects in the resource:

Project 1 looks at deer in terms of biodiversity, food chains, habitat and their impact on Scotland’s environment and economy.

Project 2 looks at how venison can contribute to a well-balanced, healthy diet, and its importance to Scotland’s economy.

The activities in each project are grouped under first, second and third levels. We suggest that you advise pupils which level they should be working on.

The Resources section contains:

  • video clips
  • access to trail cameras
  • websites
  • photographs of deer species
  • photographs of footprints, droppings and other evidence of deer
  • map of Scotland, indicating distribution of deer population
  • hill-to-plate flowchart
  • sample press release, to send to local newspapers

These can help pupils research the information they need for their activities.

Finally, we will feature pupils’ work in the Pupils’ portal section.

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